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Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

Children and families need sleep. It's not a want or a luxury, it's a biological necessity. 


Let me support you in teaching your child the skill of independent sleep. I will personalize a sleep plan to meet the needs of your family, at YOUR comfort level. 

Contact Us


Hey There!

I'm Meghan Barron, owner of Good Night Sleep Tight. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, a wife, and a mom to three children, ages four, two, and a newborn! I also have my Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene and enjoy working part-time as a dental hygienist. 

After having my first child, I found myself sleep-deprived and honestly, just not the best version of myself. I knew something had to change. I did a ton of research and sleep trained my daughter, and a year and a half later my son also. While doing this, I found my new passion. I then started to help friends navigate their child's sleep problems, and knew at that point I wanted to make this into a career. 

As a sleep consultant, but also as a mother, I understand the feelings of frustration while being so exhausted, and not knowing who to turn to for help or lean on for support. My goal as your sleep consultant is to be your support system through the process of improving your child's sleep. I will identify the cause for your child's sleep problems, come up with a personalized sleep plan tailored to meet your and your family's needs and comfort level, and provide you with all the tools, resources, and support to get your family well-rested and happy.


My Services


Free Discovery Call

A 15 minute phone call to briefly discuss your child's sleep related issues, and see if we are a great fit for 1:1 support. 



Two-Week 1:1 Sleep Support

For two weeks, I will provide support in every step of your sleep training journey. I will provide all the resources necessary and come up with a personalized sleep plan for your family. 



Ask Me Anything Call

A 30-minute phone call to answer questions you may have related to your child's sleep. This is for babies/toddlers who have been sleep trained previously.


Straight From the Source

"Meghan helped me so much with my son's sleep. He was waking up multiple times a night into toddlerhood. After working with her, he consistently sleeps 12 hours straight, without needing us in the night. It's such a relief knowing he's getting good sleep every night."


"After working with Meghan for two weeks, my daughter is truly a different baby. She was so overtired all the time, couldn't fall asleep, couldn't stay asleep, and wouldn't take good naps. Today, she is a totally different baby. She falls asleep quickly, stays asleep, and is overall happier without her frequent interruptions. This was the best investment I could've made for my family."


"Meghan helped my baby fall asleep and stay asleep within the first few weeks of putting her strategies into place. I couldn't have done it without her, and love the full night of sleep I've been getting along with my baby. Thank you Meghan!"



Sleep Training Isn't Just 'Cry-It-Out"

Sleep training can be intimidating for parents- but this process isn't simply just letting your baby "cry-it-out." Sleep training is teaching a child a new skill. Learning new skills can take time. It is possible to provide your child support both emotionally and physically during this process. Many parents fear sleep training will ruin their attachment with their child. This is simply not true. Sleep training WORKS. 

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