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Sleep training is different for everyone and every family. It can help whether your child is a newborn, baby, or toddler. There are many ways to get your child to independent sleep, and I can help find an approach that you are comfortable with and works effectively for your child. When your baby gets a great night of sleep, YOU get a great night of sleep. Sleep training can make that happen. I look forward to helping you!

Discovery Call

15 minutes


This free 15-minute phone call is a great way to chat with me about the current sleep issues you are experiencing with your child. This call is specifically for you to get insight on whether you are ready and a great fit for my two-week 1:1 support.

*Currently available for US, Canada, & Mexico residents.

Two-Week 1:1
Sleep Support

Two Weeks


For two weeks, I will provide all the support you may need while teaching your child the skill of independent sleep. Better sleep is SO close for your child, and you! This is great for babies starting at 12 weeks all the way through toddlerhood. If your baby is under 12 weeks, but you are still interested in support and laying a strong sleep foundation, this package can be used for that also.

What's Included: 

-Intake Questionnaire to cover all aspects of your child's sleep and what your goals are

-A personalized detailed sleep plan made specifically for your child. I will be sure to meet you at your comfort level and specific needs for your family

-Two weeks of unlimited text and email support

-Two 30-minute calls: the first to be used after you review your sleep plan to go over everything, and the second to be used at the end of our two weeks to wrap everything up


*Currently available for US, Canada, & Mexico residents.

Ask Me Anything 

30 minutes

This 30-minute phone call is great for a child that has established independent sleep habits previously. During this time, we can troubleshoot new sleep issues that have began. We can cover nap schedules, other daytime routine questions, bedtime battles, etc. I will answer any questions you may have in this time frame and figure out how to solve your new sleep problems. If your child cannot fall asleep independently, I recommend looking into the two-week 1:1 sleep support package.

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